SISTER circle

Our Sister Circle offers a safe and gentle space for women to come together and share. We empower each other through conversation, meditation, affirmation, journaling, and creative expression.

We hold space for each other to share, to be seen, heard,
and supported.

We practice ways to truly listen, speak authentically, harness our intuition, share our wisdom, and gather in sacred ritual. 

What to bring to our gathering:
💖 Yoga mat 
💖 Large cushion for comfortable sitting on the floor*
💖 Wrap or small blanket &/or socks(optional)
💖 Water bottle
💖 Journal & pen
💖 An open heart

What to wear:
💖 Wear any clothes that make you feel comfortable

*if sitting on the floor is not comfortable for you alternative arrangements can be made, please contact me directly to discuss this 


It's time to meet your true self...

Allow your body, your breath, and your mind to realign.

 Connect inward creating space for the beautiful being inside of you to unfold.

Journey with me as you learn to
embrace YOU, to remember what it feels like to reconnect, to return to stillness, and arrive in the present moment...

Immerse yourself in the serenity of this special day as we practice healing modalities, without distraction,
without judgment,and without a rush.

Pause and surrender, drop into your heart, bring your mind back to clarity and feel empowered as you remember who you truly are!



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Hi, I'm Toni - I create space for like-minded people to come together to build a life they love - to learn, support each other, share common goals, build community and connect!

It's important to me to have a true balance
of peace, purpose, and joy in this life.
I have found that balance through a process
of self-discovery, doing meaningful work
that I love, and being true to myself.

I am passionate about sharing this with
others who crave a naturally balanced life
so that we can all live our best life!

From my heart to yours,

Welcome to the journey...

meet your facilitator

Please note tickets are non-refundable.
 If in the event that you are unable to attend, you may transfer your ticket to a friend.

Consideration will, however, be given on a case-by-case basis for exceptional circumstances and a partial credit may be issued towards a future event.

Should this gathering be cancelled due to a Covid-related situation, full credit will be issued towards a future event.

By purchasing this ticket, I acknowledge that I alone am responsible for my well-being.

I take full responsibility for my individual experience and outcome associated with my
involvement in this sacred gathering, and beyond.

Under no circumstances will the organiser be held responsible for my actions or circumstances.
I acknowledge that I will enter into an agreement of confidentiality and respect for other participants at this gathering. I will ensure that I am fit, well, and able to participate in the gathering.

I agree with photos being taken during the gathering and being used for marketing purposes.
If I do not want to be included in photos, I will notify the organiser before the event.


Disclaimer, Terms & ConditionS

I felt the warmth and safety surround me as soon as I entered this beautiful space - it's a sanctuary,
a safe haven, a space to be your authentic self. 

Toni walks you through each step gently, never forcing, always accepting, guiding you to be true to your heart.
This is a place where women empower their sisters to shine their own unique and beautiful light.

—Brenda Sears

Toni is full of love and deeply compassionate, she loves to help people and to see them moving forward on their journey, healing and finding peace and happiness.

—Kerrie Field

Toni provided an intimate, safe, and welcoming space for us to grow and shine!
With her encouraging words and gentle wisdom I felt safe to be my authentic self.
It was an absolute privilege to sit in circle with this amazing lady.

—Stacey Nean

I walked into the room and felt total calmness, love, and support with other women.
Toni did an amazing job, she guided me through every step and made me feel so comfortable to open up,  it truly is a safe place. I didn't want the night to end. 

—Claudia Frost

join us here

Exploring the wonders of living
a naturally balanced life,
Discovering better choices for
our health and our planet,
Thriving with consistent good health
and energy...

Simply, living our best life! 



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